środa, 24 lutego 2016


Birthday present for my love, Weekend in London. So first day after 16h of travel at 2 pm we have to wait a couple more hours because our room wasnt ready. So, OK we just go to PRIMARK, my loveee. At 6 pm we fall asleep and woke up at 8 am. And now our trip started !

First the english breakfast, i am crazy about this beans.

And now "the must see" in London
Big Ben

London Eye

 Through Horse Guards Parade

 And St. James's Park

 And Buckingham Palace 

And Green Park

And Wellington Arch
Next was oxford street i didn't make a photos, it is just shops. But in next posts you will see what i bought :)

 And the last day, with all of ours bags,
 at the end i wanted to shoot myself in the head..
Again start at London Eye

 And Embankment

 And Trafalgar Square

 And Chinatown

 And the sad part, going back home

If you want more watch the film with my cover :)

czwartek, 18 lutego 2016

black and white as usually

And the next post will be from London or maybe two, i didnt decided yet. However i am the best girlfriend on the world. 3day trip for my love to London and the suprise at 22nd for Birthday. Yeah it's must be it.
Our little vacation will be on instagram and snapchat (fashianne) :)


niedziela, 14 lutego 2016


oh my god i can't keep up with my life. sometimes it is so glad to be sick. now check a little bit of inspiration (hair, oh that blue hair, just saving money!) and a little bit of LONDON nails inspiration. couse i am getting ready for our 3 day trip <3
Aaaand im still in love. i hope everybody can be in love like me one day.

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